Aceleron Energy

Buy Aceleron Energy Essential Lithium Battery for Sailing Boats and Yachts with free Delivery to Mainland UK, only at Pro Marine Store. 

Fully Serviceable Lithium Battery | A Lifetime of Energy. 

Aceleron is an award-winning clean technology company started when co-founders Amrit & Carlton dismantled and tested hundreds of battery packs and realised that batteries are not designed to be maintained. Anticipating a future with tonnes of unnecessary battery waste they designed a battery pack which is built with sustainability in mind. The world’s most sustainable lithium battery packs in a full circular economy approach, serviceable, upgradable and recyclable. Here at Aceleron we are motivated to empower global communities by increasing access to energy storage solutions for our customers around the world.

THEIR MISSION is to accelerate the global shift to cleaner energy usage by creating storage technology that is more accessible to all.

THEIR VISION is to be a world leader in sustainable battery technology, positively impacting people's lives.


The first lithium-ion battery of its kind, the Essential gives you long-lasting power and performance in a lightweight, versatile design that’s been created with a more sustainable future in mind.


The Essential is based on our patented compression technology, which means its 'Core' can be easily taken out of the box, and either: swapped with a new and improved one for a complete upgrade of your battery; or, serviced and returned to you as a fully renewed product with an extended life to keep waste and environmental impact to a minimum.

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