Buy Red Hand Flares for Special Effects Companies

Buy Red Hand Flares for Special Effects Companies

Pro Marine Store UK supplies Red hand flares to the UK special effects market, with rapid dispatch for on time arrival on set. 

Following on from recent success supplying special effects red hand flares to the uk market, we have decided to increase exposure of this great opportunity for special effects companies in the UK at great prices. 

Pro Marine Store, a leading UK online marine retailer, focussing on high quality products for the sailing and boating market in the UK and Europe, teams up with UK special effects film and movie companies to deliver large numbers of red hand flares, as well as other flares direct to film set or filming location.  We ship next day delivery for rapid procurement and rapid release of required equipment.

We can supply:

We can ship many thousands of flares for movie special effects as required.

Orange smoke hand flares for daytime use

White hand flares as an alternative to red hand flares

Parachute Rocket Flares

Floating Orange smoke Flares

Call 01799 588 292 today to discuss your special effects company red flare requirements.