ePropulsion Electric Outboard Engines available at Pro Marine Store

ePropulsion Electric Outboard Engines available at Pro Marine Store

Pro Marine Store are proud to announce a partnership with ePropulsion UK to bring their outstanding electric motor products to the UK sailing boat and yacht market.

New to store, are the industry leading electric engines from ePropulsion.  Reviews have been gushing, users are blown away, YouTube is raving about them, and the competition can only watch.  The proprietary battery technology developed and used in ePropulsion electric outboards means that electric propulsion has now matched that of typical petrol outboards traditionally used for inflatable dinghies.  Couple this with the green credentials, the lack of noise, the efficiency and ease of use, and the fast charging capabilities of the ePropulsion Evo and ePropulsion Spirit range mean that for the discerning sailor, electric outboard engines are now a fully feasible option.

New Green Technology for Inflatable Dinghy Outboard engines

In store here, we serve a growing number of YouTube channels and social channels looking for the best innovations in the green sector of sailing.  We serve DIY sailors looking to take on jobs themselves and invest in technology that will see them used for many seasons ahead.  Indeed, our customers return to use time and time again for out outstanding customer service and product knowledge.  ePropulsion motors fit perfectly into our philosophy of a curated range of high quality marine products for the discerning sailor or yachtsman and yachtswoman.  We only sell products we believe in and products we can hang our hat on and say they are the best the industry can offer in that particular product area.  

High Quality, Long Range, Outstanding Product Design

Visit our store today to find out why ePropulsion electric outboards for sailing boats and yachts are such a good product, why they have a range to rival petrol, and why they are leading a green revolution in sailing and yacht products. See our ePropulsion Product listings here