ePropulsion Electric Outboard Motors into the Future!

ePropulsion Electric Outboard Motors into the Future!

ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 and 1.0 Plus series

Welcome to the future of Rechargeable Lithium battery powered electric outboard motors. Until now, there has not been an electric outboard motor that truly does the job it was intended to do.  

Our store sells a curated selection of top quality products for the marine and sailing market that really do the job they are designed to do.  Past iterations of electric outboard motors for dinghies and sailing yachts have had limitations such that we at Pro Marine Store have chosen to not sell them. Limitations include range, power, design, price and reliability.  

When ePropulsion introduced their Spirit 1.0, and now the Spirit 1.0 Plus, we soon realised that this is finally an electric outboard motor that really fulfils its design brief in full.  From high quality construction, huge capacity battery, clever design like floating batteries and stainless steel connectors, to clever remote controls and great range, the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus is an electric outboard motor that people can't get enough of.  

Green energy solution helps to recharge the batteries on a go, using solar panels 

As green energy solutions get better and better, so does the opportunity to utilise such energy solutions.  Battery technology is improving year on year, as is the potential to recharge the batteries from solar panels aboard a boat. 

Now, for the first time, running a blue water boat solely off lithium batteries for cooking, washing machines, coffee machines, recharging batteries has become truly possible. With this great opportunity comes the potential to ditch fossil fuels in all parts of your boat. Just as induction hobs are now a distinct possibility on-board a boat, so is a lithium battery electric outboard motor.

ePropulsion Electric outboard motor

In the UK, the sale of petrol and diesel engines will soon be against the law. This will also eventually be true for outboard engines, as the world moves slowly away from fossil fuels. More and more people are looking into buying an eProulsion Electric outboard motor.  

These not only burn no petrol, but also have the great advantage that they are extremely light. They break down into the battery and the leg, each part is very light, and can be carried separately to your boat.  Gone are the days of balancing a heavy petrol outboard engine up off the transom of a dinghy, to an upright position, and then onto a pontoon - or even worse directly onto the pushpit of your boat.  

Instead, enjoy the relief of carrying two light items off your dinghy, one at a time, saving your back, and the chance of dropping them in the water.  And then, if you are unlucky enough to drop the battery - it floats!  The motor comes in three leg lengths depending on the size of the transom of your dinghy. 

Detailed on the product listing of the Spirit Plus is a diagram showing you how to measure your dinghy transom to choose the right motor leg length.

ePropulsion Electric outboard motors have the power output of a typical 3.5hp petrol motor, can run all day, and charge up quickly from the mains plug, or from a 12v source.  Spare parts are readily available at Pro Marine Store, as is the beautiful and perfectly designed ePropulsion Bag Set, to protect your motor if stored in a locker or lazarette.

ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus Electric outboard motor

The ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus Electric outboard motor is a direct drive design, so reducing moving parts, and thus reducing wear.  There is no servicing or winterizing required, and the unit makes no noise, even at full power.  There are modern conveniences like a screen telling you range, time until empty, time of current journey, power draw from the battery etc. and a magnetic kill-cord for immediate stopping of the motor in an emergency.  

Runtime at full throttle is a full 75 minutes, easily outlasting a typical 3.5hp petrol motor at full power, but in real world testing, we achieved markedly more runtime that this.  To see more on this outstanding new product, see also the huge range of reviews on YouTube, including this one with our friends Steve and Julie on Sailing Fair Isle, who do a full and detailed review of the product.

Pro Marine Store is a recognised UK dealer of ePropulsion products

We stock all ePropulsion products, including all accessories for the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus Electric outboard motor, but also other outstanding products like the ePropulsionVa quita motor for SUPs and Kayaks, to give you that extra boost when out on the water.  

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