ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus Outboard Motor Security & Theft Prevention

ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus Outboard Motor Security & Theft Prevention

Here we talk about securing your outboard motor and ways you can improve the security of your ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus Electric Outboard Motor in the UK and Abroad. 

How to Secure your Electric Outboard Motor. 

At Pro Marine Store we are proud to be a leading retailer for ePropulsion products, including the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus and Evo electric outboard motors.  We are very happy to sell such high quality and top performing motors, and our customers love their ease of use, silence and zero maintenance required to keep these motors performing flawlessly.  Once aspect we have come up against as more and more people purchase these motors is the issue of how to secure your motor.  We now have a solution and will talk about it here.

Securing the Motor. 

The first aspect is how to secure the motor to the dinghy of tender.  For this, we have chosen Motor Loc, a UK company specialising in precision machining for aircraft parts and other stainless steel parts, manufactured to very tight tolerances.  Clearly this is appropriate for machining custom locks for dinghy motors, using the highest quality of 316 stainless steel and barrel locks so that the lock fits the dinghy perfectly.  These locks are made specifically for the ePropulsion Spirit range, and fit perfectly with the slightly oversized bracket bolt tab handles that the Spirit has.  This lock completely covers the motor's bracket clamp handles so that a would-be thief cannot physically undo the motor from the dinghy.  The slot construction and plug-style lock means the locking mechanism is totally hidden within the lock itself so even tampering with the lock is next-to-impossible.

Deter the Thief. 

Most thieves stealing from dinghies are opportunists, looking for something easy.  Often, seeing that the owner has actually thought about their security is enough to put off a thief and let him move on to another easier target.  Thus showing a thief that you have thought about your dinghy is often enough for you to not become the victim of the day.  Using easily deployed locks like the Motor Loc Atlantic 230 ePropulsion Edition is a quick and easy way to show you mean business.  It is brightly polished and branded, and on closer inspection, it looks so well made that it will go 95% in putting off the thief.  Other cheaper locks are available, but we think that such a premium product as the Spirit 1.0 Plus and Evo motors needs a premium lock, and one that is made to the highest standards and fits the motor perfectly.  We have sourced the highest quality lock available in the UK for outboard motors, and specified a design that is perfect for the Spirit range.  You can therefore rest assured that we have done the research for you, and supply the best lock out there.

How To Fit the Lock. 

Fitting the lock is a breeze.  Simply remove the lock plug from the end of the barrel using the key, and slide the slot onto the turn-screws if the motor's bracket.  To easily slide the barrel on, first line up the screw handle tabs inwards on each other, so that they already form a barrel-shape.  Once the barrel is slid on, simply refit the lock plug and you are done.  (Consider putting the key on a cork float or equivalent!)

Secure the Battery. 

The ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus line of electric outboard motors has a removable battery.  the battery is easily removable for quick charging and easy handling for the owner, but this can potentially work against you in a theft situation.  Luckily, the battery has one great feature for security - its oversized handle.  This is perfect to fit a cable lock through, an around the Motor Loc Atlantic 230 ePropulsion Edition.  We recommend the number locks made by Abus, but any cable lock will go a long way towards showing the thief that you mean business.  Alternatively of course, another option is to remove the battery and take it with you to the pub or restaurant, and for this the Pro Marine Store Bag set is a perfect way to carry the battery.  You can easily fit the Fast battery charger as well as the battery inside the bag, so you can then benefit from putting the battery on charge whilst you have lunch in the pub.  Our Bag Sets for ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus and Evo motors is made to the highest standards in the UK, using premium materials, thick padding and strong webbing handles, and we even have a backpack option for the battery bag, making it even easier to carry.


Pro Marine Store sells a variety of security items to better protect your ePropulsion electric outboard.  Often, deterrence is as effective as the lock itself as it quickly demonstrates to the thief that you have thought about your motor, and are going to make it as hard as possible to steal.  The thief is not looking for a hard time, so this will often be sufficient to put them off and leave you in peace.  We have chosen the highest quality lock available in the UK, designed to work perfectly with the ePropulsion motors, one that is insurance-approved and made from the highest quality components.  Buy the Motor Loc Atlantic 230 ePropulsion Edition today and receive free shipping to mainland UK, only at Pro Marine Store.  Call 01799 588 292 to discuss or make your order online.