Brushes & Rollers

Buy Paint Brushes and Paint Rollers for Jotun Marine Paint Products. Buy the right brush for the job and get the best finish, with free delivery to the UK. 

Choose from a wide range of brushes and rollers for marine paint application on your boat or yacht. 

Buy Brushes for Marine Paint

Synthetic bristle brushes such as the Premier Synthetic, Professional Synthetic and the Advantage Brush Set have little to no bristle loss but hold less paint than a natural bristle brush.           

Natural bristle brushes such as the Premier Bristle hold more paint for easier application but due to the non-conformity of the bristles can shed the occasional one in use.

Mixed bristle brushes such as the Contractor and the ProDec 3 Brush Set offer a value 'disposable' option while offering good paint loading and minimal bristle loss.


TOP TIP: Synthetic bristle - bent bristles can be restored by dipping in hot water. Natural bristle - maintain brushes by cleaning and wrapping in newspaper while slightly damp.

Topcoat/Finishing Rollers

These topcoat rollers have been tested by our regular customers and we think provide the best finish possible. The SuperSmooth Flock is our best selling roller but each type has it's supporters. You will require a 4"/6" roller frame to hold these rollers.

Primer/Antifouling Rollers

Excellent value rollers where a fine finish is not required but the ability to hold more paint to save time and effort is. Our Blue Stripe rollers are perfect for applying primers. Do not be tempted to go too big. For most situations the 4" size provides the best compromise between getting the paint on quickly and not suffering from wrist fatigue from a heavy roller loaded with paint. You will require a roller frame or cage to hold these rollers.

Roller Frames/Trays/Scuttles

All available with us today for immediate dispatch