Deck Paint

Browse and buy from a full range of Jotun Marine Deck Paint Products for sailing boats and yachts, all in stock and free delivery to the UK. 

We sell a full range of deck paint products for the marine environment, with a variety of finishes for your sailing boat or yacht.  We can offer advice on which paint to buy for your particular Boat DIY project.  We work closely with Jotun UK to bring their entire marine range to market for the UK boating world.  

For most boat decks we would recommend using LUSTRE Marine Deck Paint. It is available in 2.5 litre tins and can be mixed in 100's of colours.

In the Jotun range of 5 litre tins and more are Jotafloor Rapid Dry - a quick drying, single pack paint that is easy to apply and can be applied over existing deck paint without the need for a primer or undercoat and Hardtop HB - a two-pack polyurethane that provides excellent colour retention as well as a hard-wearing and long lasting finish.

If an anti-slip texture is required, SML Anti-Slip Beads can be added to the final coat of the above products and provide a surface suitable for most leisure applications. Jotun Anti-Skid Additive is applied by sprinkling on top of the penultimate coat and provides a coarser, more industrial anti-slip coating. It is available in Fine, Medium and Coarse grades. Our 15cm Sieve if perfect for spreading the medium grade.

Jota Armour is a 3 part industrial product and is Royal Navy and UK Defence approved for use on helidecks, walkways, ramps, weigh bridge decks and decks in general where a very good level of anti-slip is required.