Dyneema Soft Shackles

Dyneema Soft Shackles available to order online with worldwide delivery

What are Dyneema Soft Shackles?

Exclusive to Pro Marine Store, SeaQure Soft Shackles are made in the UK to the highest production standards by experienced riggers.  SeaQure use Marlow Dyneema SK78, thereby guaranteeing quality every step of the way.  

What size Soft Shackles do we offer?

The 6mm soft shackle comes in two internal diameters and has a working load of XXX and a breaking strain of XXXX based on Marlow's recommended calculation of 1.2x the limit of the Dyneema in its raw cord form. As they are exclusive to Pro Marine Store, we can make you bespoke sizing for the soft shackle to suit your needs.

Benefits of a Soft Shackle:

  • Incredibly strong
  • Lightweight
  • No pin to loose compared with a traditional shackle
  • They can be easily opened and closed with gloved cold wet hands
  • They float
  • They can be brightly coloured to colour code your boat, eg. for reefing system lines
  • They don't chafe other lines
  • They don't wear down surfaces like metal on metal
  • They don't damage gelcoat or painted surfaces when dropped or flailing
  • They cannot become too tight to undo, similar to a bowline knot.