Eco Sistems

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The experience gained throughout its 23-year history has been progressively incorporated into new marine watermaker systems, new products for the desalination of seawater by reverse osmosis that are increasingly more cost-effective, improving consumption savings and useful life.

Energy saving has been a priority aspect in the development of the entire range of watermakers from Eco-Sistems Watermakers. The commitment to sustainability has been part of the firm's DNA since the mid-90s, which makes it a pioneer in the development of efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for seawater desalination . For example, the rotary pumps used in 100% of the company's products have an energy recovery system.

In addition to the well-known systems with ETD reciprocating piston pumps –a range that covers from 30 to 90 liters per hour of production–, Eco-Sistems Watermakers incorporates the best rotary pump for medium-sized water desalination systems (200/300 litres / hour). This inclusion represents a true technological revolution in the field of energy recovery in seawater treatment plants of this size.

The Global Standard in Marine Water Desalinisation Systems. 

The company's innovative watermaker design, development and production centre, located outside Barcelona, regularly collaborates with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Eco-Sistems Watermakers has made the know-how of its fluid mechanics experts and its pioneering analysis and testing laboratories available to the university .

We focus on the UK watermaker market, Eco-sistems Watermakers aims to have an affordable marine watermaker presence at a global level. At the moment, the company has more than 80 distributors and technical assistance services distributed in the 5 continents, including Pro Marine Store, UK. 

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Why Eco-Sistems?

If something characterises the Eco-sistems Watermakers team, it is that they always approach the development of a seawater desalination system with the mentality of a boater who designs the product for the use of other boaters, prioritising technical simplicity and ease of repair. (so that the user himself can carry it out).

At present, in the most remote locations on the planet, more than 4,000 water treatment plants Eco-sistems Watermakers provide fresh water to their owners with complete satisfaction. Always operating silently and with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Likewise, Eco Sistems Watermakers' water purification solutions are one of the most preferred in international regattas, where safety of use is the most important.