Efoy 150 Methanol Fuel Cell

Efoy 150 Methanol Fuel Cell

Buy the Efoy 150 and see why so many sailors, boaters and caravaners find a methanol fuel cell the perfect solution to their off-grid electrical needs.  Free UK delivery on all orders at Pro Marine Store. 


Weighing just 7.8 kg, the EFOY 150 is extremely lightweight and so compact that you will always find space for it in your motor home or boat. It delivers a vast amount of energy yet takes up very little space.

The EFOY 150 BT is a 75W fuel cell providing 150Ah per day at 12V DC.


Can be used all year round

With the EFOY 150 methanol fuel cell, you have a reliable electricity supply when you are on the road or at sea. Irrespective of the weather and all year round - even at sub-zero temperatures.


When the EFOY 150 is installed as recommended, you will almost hear nothing. Our advanced insulation and the sound damping system ensure quiet operation. 


Fully automatic and maintenance-free

Your EFOY fuel cell supplies electricity as soon as all connections are properly made. All you have to do is to make sure that fuel is always supplied. Additionally, the unit requires no maintenance.  EFOY Pro fuel cells supply off-grid power for months – without any user intervention. Efoy fuel cells use methanol – an alcohol with an extremely high energy density. Ten litres of methanol contain 11.1 kWh of energy. Two 28 litre fuel cartridges can power a 25 W device autonomously for about 15 weeks. Maintenance of the EFOY Pro fuel cells is not required.


The EFOY fuel cell is economical in use and extremely eco-friendly, emitting only a small amount of water and heat.

Lightweight and compact

Thanks to its compact design and low weight the EFOY COMFORT will easily fit into a convenient space - in the rear storage compartment, the side compartment or under the seats.


Comparison to a solar panel

Over the period of one year, EFOY COMFORT provides 3 to 10 times as much electricity as a solar system with the same power rating. To produce the same amount of electricity as an EFOY COMFORT 80 (40 W) with solar power, depending on the country and time of year, you would need a solar system with an output of between 120 and 400 Wp.

The set includes:

  • Brackets
  • Service Fluid
  • Off-heat bow OH3
  • Charge Line CL5 with fuses
  • Insulated exhaust hose
  • User manual


  • Power Output: 75W
  • Output Voltage: 12VDC
  • Output Current: 6.25A
  • Noise Level at 1m: 47dB
  • Warranty Period: 2 years within 3,000 operating hours
  • Fuel: Methanol
  • Technology: DMFC
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    Efoy 150 Methanol Fuel Cell