ePropulsion E-Series Batteries & Accessories

ePropulsion E-Series Batteries & Accessories

Buy ePropulsion E-Series Batteries for ePropulsion Navy electric outboard motors and ePropulsion Pod Drives Online UK. 


The ePropulsion electric outboard batteries are designed for high performance and the  harsh marine environment. Cleaner, energy efficient power, the lithium batteries range from 1 kWh to 144 kWh to complement our industry leading electric outboards.


All ePropulsion electric outboard batteries are designed for maximum efficiency, performance and safety. The batteries will discharge themselves and hibernate when not in use to protect themselves, so there is no need for any manual discharging.

The affordable lithium E Series batteries are compact and energy dense and weigh 70% less the equivalent lead acid battery. It is possible to use a 3rd party lead acid battery with the ePropulsion range, although the ePropulsion motor will not be able to access real time battery status. In addition, the E-Series batteries are designed to achieve the most efficient unit price on the market, as low as $0.46 per WattHour.

Multiple E Series batteries of the same size can be connected in parallel, to increase power output. Each has a different battery management system and cell configuration, hence only the same model can be connected in parallel.


Battery Capacity:

   E40 – 2048Wh

   E80 – 4096 Wh

   E175 – 8960Wh

Battery weight:

   E40 – 28kg

   E80 – 48kg

   E175 – 87kg

Rechargeable: 12 volt auxiliary output or solar panel

Regenerative charging: Yes – with Navy Evo

Charging time:

110V: E40 2hrs, E80 4 hrs, E175 4.5 hrs (2 chargers)/2 hrs (1 charger)

220V: E40 2hrs, E80 3 hrs, E175 3 hrs (2 chargers)/ 6hrs (1 charger)

Battery life: 3000 cycles @ 80% DOD

Waterproof: IP67

Recyclable: Yes

Parallel connection: Yes – up to 16

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    ePropulsion E-Series Batteries & Accessories