ePropulsion Pod Drive, Controls & Accessories

ePropulsion Pod Drive, Controls & Accessories

Buy the ePropulsion Pod Drive as a sailing boat electric motor and yacht electric motor, with free delivery to the UK on all orders at Pro Marine Store. 


Space saving and efficient power for boats. 

POD 1.0 - Fixed propulsion for small boats up to 1 ton. 

POD 3.0 - Fixed propulsion for bigger boats up to 3 tons. 

POD 6.0 - Fixed propulsion for bigger boats up to 6 tons. 

Space saving

You will be surprised how much space a well designed pod drive system can save you.


There is something almost magical about motoring along just hearing the water splashing off the bow


The graphs shows the output torque of our POD 3.0 compared to a popular 10hp diesel inboard. As you can see the torque figures are very similar. Performance figures are also very similar. One of the bonuses of the electric motor is that you have all of torque at 0 rpm this makes it very easy to control in close quarter movements.



Maintenance Free - No Servicing, No Winterising, More time for fun

OPTIMISED - Our pod drives minimise drag


EXHAUST FREE - No Carbon Dioxide, No Carbon Monoxide, No Sulphur Dioxide

VIBRATION FREE - Transform your boat

Robust design built to last - 83 DAY TEST - The motor was run continuously for 83 days. It passed with flying colours, and could have run many more

MAINTENANCE FREE - No servicing, No winterising

DIRECT DRIVE - Less moving parts, more efficient



Wireless or wired remote designed to give you smooth control over your craft.

An easy to see real time display gives you range and speed information.

SIDE MOUNT - The side mount control is a great option for sailing boats and motor boats looking for a sleek design.


3.2″ real time display can be mounted easily in any cockpit.

INTELLIGENT AND SAFEThe remote controller has a solar panel, which provides power for the built in battery. You can also charge the control from your motor via a cable. Both controls have an integrated GPS let you know your speed. 

Emergency magnetic kill switch. Clip the lanyard to your wrist or life vest. It will stop the motor instantly if removed.

The integrated display offers live feedback. Including remaining battery capacity, real time speed, input power and range


Testing was done in a 26ft Yacht with a displacement of approximately 2 tons.

Set up with an epropulsion 3kW motor and one E-175 series battery with a capacity of 9kWh.



The POD 1.0 and 3.0 are both 48v systems. You have the choice of using our Spirit Plus, Navy, E-Series battery or a third party brand.


The impressive performance of the POD 1.0 and POD 3.0 makes them incredibly versatile.


  • Kill stop switch
  • IP67 ingress protection
  • Propeller collision emergency stop
  • Reinforced mounting
  • Low battery indicator
  • Over temperature protection

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    ePropulsion Pod Drive, Controls & Accessories