ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus 2022 Electric Outboard Motor

ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus electric outboard motor

ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus 2022 Electric Outboard Motor

Buy 2022 ePropulsion Electric Outboard Engine for inflatable dinghies and tenders with free delivery to the UK. 



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This is the highly anticipated electric outboard motor from ePropulsion - the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus.  This motor does the job that no other electric outboard motor has been able to do.  Speed, range, ease of use, light weight, and all in an attractive modern form.

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Make no mistake, this is not like the previous generation of electric outboard motors from other companies.  This motor performs brilliantly, as can be seen here.  

Not sure what leg length?  Read this blog article here




The Spirit 1.0 Plus is perfect option for tenders, small yachts and day sailors up to 1.5 tons

See Technical drawings here

INDUSTRY LEADING - Spirit Plus has industry leading performance and reliability.

HUGE CAPACITY - 1276 Wh from the 24 Lithium cells

LIGHTWEIGHT - Battery 8.7kg  – Motor 10.6kg

FLOATING BATTERY - Safe and worry free 

RELIABILITY - Robust design built to last



No servicing, No winterising


Less moving parts, more efficient


The Spirit can charge from solar panels or a 12v auxiliary output


NO FUEL LEAKS - No oil, No petrol, No worries

NO EXHAUST - No Carbon Dioxide, No Carbon Monoxide, No Sulphur Dioxide

NO NOISE - Whisper quiet, peaceful and considerate


Petrol outboards in the 2.5 HP to 5 HP range, have a run time of less than 45 min at wide open throttle. The Spirit 1.0 Plus offers 75 minutes. 

Spirit 1.0 Plus has a 1276Wh integrated battery. At full throttle 1000 Watts, you get 6.2 mph for 75 minutes. The range is 7.75 miles. If you reduce your throttle to 25%, which is 250 Watts, you will get 4.4 mph for 5 hours. The range is 22 miles.



2 years (Non-commercial use only)

Input Power: 1kW

Motor Weight: 10.6kg

Battery Weight: 8.7kg

Battery Capacity: 1276Wh

Control: Tiller and Remote

Shaft Length: Extra Short (for tenders) Short and Long


Kill stop switch

IP67 ingress protection

Propeller collision emergency stop

Reinforced transom mounting

Low battery indicator

Over temperature protection


Lithium-ion polymer battery

44..8 V nominal voltage

51.2 V final charging voltage

33 V cut-off voltage

0°C – 45°C / 32˚ F – 113˚ F charging temperature -10°C – 60°C / 14˚ F – 140˚ F operating temperature

Over 80% capacity after 800 cycles of 100% DOD

3 hr charging time (Fast charger)

7 hr charging time (Standard charger)

Battery management system

Floating design


Foldable tiller design

Integrated display

Solar panel compatible, max 180 W

Protective beach mode          

Tiller or remote options


Rated RPM 1,200

316 N / 71 lbs static thrust

55% overall efficiency

Natural cooling

Direct drive

Field-oriented motor control

Trim angles including 0°, 7°, 14°, 21°

Tilt angle 75°

28 × 14.7 cm / 11 × 5.8 inches propeller

Step less forward/reverse

360° tiller steering, direction lockable

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    ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus electric outboard motor

    ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus 2022 Electric Outboard Motor