Buy SeaGo marine flares for sailing boats and yachts from our comprehensive selection including individual flares and Offshore Flare Packs online, UK.  Special pricing available for Movie Special Effects companies - Call On 01799588292. 

SeaGo Flares conforming to the latest British and European Standards.  

As with all safety and emergency equipment, we recommend getting in touch with us prior to buying to confirm the product will suit your needs. 

Flares have special shipping costs due to their status of Dangerous Goods.  

We sell large numbers of red hand flares to the film and movie special effects market - call us to discuss your needs.  Buy large quantities of hand flares for special effects.  Rapid dispatch direct to the movie set for immediate use for special effects companies in the UK.

red hand flare

Red Hand Flare

Buy Red Hand flare for Sailing Boats and Yachts online, UK, with quick dispatch from Pro Marine Store. ***Special prices available for large orders fo... view details

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