Fuel Cells

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Conventional power sources are often unreliable or offer only short periods of supply. Solar-powered systems cannot guarantee a reliable power supply throughout the whole year, batteries have very limited autonomy and generators produce harmful emissions. Fuel cells are the perfect power generator, meeting all requirements for stationary and mobile applications.

100% Reliable

100% power availability based on hybrid switch from battery to fuel cell. Fuel cells constantly monitor the charge status of the battery and automatically charges it. This means your application is always reliably supplied with power. Fuel cells produce power in any weather, at all times of the year, everywhere. High reliability in generating power in temperate climates where sunlight is at a premium reduces costs from running and servicing diesel generators. Downtimes are prevented.

Long operating life, maintenance-free

EFOY Pro fuel cells supply off-grid power for months – without any user intervention. Our fuel cells use methanol – an alcohol with an extremely high energy density. Ten litres of methanol contain 11.1 kWh of energy. Two 28 litre fuel cartridges can power a 25 W device autonomously for about 15 weeks. Maintenance of the EFOY Pro fuel cells is not required.

Quiet and Environmentally Friendly

During operation, the sole by-products are small quantities of carbon dioxide and water. Thanks to environmentally friendly power generation, the EFOY Pro can be used in nature reserves as well as in closed vehicles and rooms. The EFOY Pro fuel cells are equally suitable for covert investigations, thanks to their low-vibration and quiet operation without heat generation.

“A reliable power source”

There are many innovative solutions and technologies for surveillance on the market. However, without power, these solutions are useless. A reliable power source is the key to success.

Ken Pereira, CEO Oneberry Technologies