Life Jacket Rearming kit - SeaGo

Life Jacket Rearming kit - SeaGo

Buy SeaGo life jacket rearming kits for inflatable life jackets at Pro Marine Store. 

We stock re-arming kits for all SeaGo life jackets.  Please be careful to choose the correct kit from the listed items, or alternatively call us and we will be happy to point you in the right direction!

Please note, the photos below are of a selection of re-arming units; the unit you receive may look slightly different according to lifejacket requirements

Please note also that a specific delivery charge is applicable to these products due to compressed gasses shipping.

Kit NumberInflation TypeBrandCompatible With

120gUMLJunior 100
224gUMLJunior Waveguard 150
333gUML150n to 175n
433gUML150n to 175n, MOB Sling
533gHakley Roberts165n
638gUML180n to 190n, Danbuoy
738gUML180n to 190n, Horseshoe Buoy
838gUML180n to 190n
938gHammarActive 190n
1038gHammarDynamic 3D 190n
1160gUML275n to 305n, 3-in-1 System
1260gUML275n to 305n
1360gHammarActive 300n
1460gHammarDynamic 3D 300n
1538gUMLActive 190n, Dynamic 3D 190n
1660gUMLDynamic 3D 300n 
1724gUMLJunior Waveguard 150n

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    Life Jacket Rearming kit - SeaGo