The ultimate Navigation light solution!

Since the start of the LED revolution in the early 00’s Lopolight has been supplying LED navigation lights to sailors around the world with the promise of ‘fit ‘n forget’.  Today Lopolight is firmly established as a leader within navigational lighting worldwide, with both the products and the company matured and robust, we stand ready to service your every need within this sector.

Around 170.000 Lopolight Navigation lights later, headquartered in Humlebæk north of Copenhagen with a modern factory and employing 21 highly skilled associates, and with offices in USA UK and Italy, Lopolight is ready to take on the future!  Early 2019 a majority of the lights was re-launched with new optics, new LEDs, new electronics and with the same trusted design.

The 3rd party testing of the new lights and the continuing lights was expanded to not only cover the European Wheelmark, but also the recently published set of US Coast Guard guidance on LED nav lights.  The range of products is extensive and will cover all needs. Should you nevertheless have a requirement for your ship that is not in our range we will build it for you, the modular design and having the factory a few steps away makes this possible.

The Lopolight product offering is made up of these main component groups:

LED Navigation Lights.

Navigation Light Control & Monitoring.

The Navigation lights are again grouped into:

Leisure, up to 20 meters

Our original market

Several unique lights that solves issues onboard

Super Yachts, over 20 meters& over 50 meters

The compact size and high build quality are the key factors here

Combination lights, such as masthead/anchor enables elegant and functional solutions.

Commercial vessels, over 20 meters & over 50 meters

Lopolight Professional Series, designed to enable easy install and maintenance

Improved corrosion resistance

Ice-class versions available, integrated and powered over same cable supplying the light

Navy / SAR

Capitalizing on the commercial experiences enhanced to comply with MIL STD 461F

Dimmable, over a 2-lead cable whilst staying fully monitored.

Full range, incl IR lights

NATO registered manufacturer