Marine Antifouling

Buy Jotun Marine Antifoul & Sailing boat Antifouling products for boat and yachts, with free delivery to the UK. 

Antifouling Paint Types Available at Pro Marine Store, online, UK


Self-polishing antifouls- the top layer of paint dissolves at a predictable rate revealing fresh layers of biocide in contact with the water (the boat needs to be used to wash away the depleted layer). Ideal for cruisers and sailing boats but will wear away too quickly if the boat goes more than 30 knots, is moored in silty conditions or is used very frequently. 

CU-PRO - Contains a level of copper and biocide usually only found in commercial antifouling and is the strongest available to leisure users, it can give service intervals of up to three years. 

Mare Nostrum - A good quality antifoul suitable for most craft, comes in 2.5 litre tins. Use NonStop for faster sail boats and cruisers or if you find a normal antifouling dosn't last the season. 

Aqualine Spray - Comes in a convenient spray. Suitable for out drives, flaps, shafts and outboard motors. Also useful for a small dinghy which is left in the water all of the time. 

Hard antifouling paint- The binder is insoluble so the performance of the product decreases progressively throughout the season. It is resistant to abrasion and is suitable for speed boats and racing yachts. It may be polished to give a smooth surface. 

Racing Antifouling - For speedboats and racing yachts that need to polish the hull. Also good for moorings that have a high silt level or that dry out. 

The Jotun commercial antifouling (Yellow and red tins); SeaForce 30M, SeaForce 60M, SeaForce 90, SeaQuantum Classic and SeaQuantum Ultra are not available to leisure users and cannot be ordered online. To purchase Jotun commercial antifouling you will need to provide proof of commercial application via email and we will call you back.