Solar Panels

Buy solar panels for sailing boats and yachts with free delivery to mainland UK.  Buy high efficiency solar panels online, UK. 

Browse and buy from the best solar panels in the World, made by companies with huge research and development facilities, meaning their technology remains at the forefront of solar panel technology.

The Best Solar Panels for Yachts and Blue Water Sailing Boats

We sell a variety of solar panels intended for marine and yacht use, but suitable in all solar installations.  We sell LG Neon Solar Panels, including the newest LG Neon R Solar panels, and the beautiful LG Neon H Full Black Solar panels.

In addition to rigid solar panels, we also sell flexible solar panels, like the SunPower Flexible solar panel that is trusted on thousands of blue water sailing boats today.  These high efficiency solar panels allow a certain amount of flex, allowing you to mount them across bimini, spray hood and all manner or places where you may find some spare space on a sailing boat.  they are strong and hard wearing, guaranteeing many years of efficient power generation.  

Solar Panels for all Marine Sailing Scenarios

Find the right solar panel for you.  Give us a call or use out chat facility on our website.  Call us on 01799 588 292 to discuss your needs for your solar power generation aboard your boat