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Jotamastic Range

With more than 25 years’ experience and continuous growth, the Jotamastic range has established itself as the leading surface tolerant repair and maintenance primers. It is used on over 30% of the worlds merchant fleet and extensively in the oil and offshore energy production industries. The smallest tins of Jotamastic are 5 litres.

Jotamastic 90 - Offers the longest lifetime in any environment – surface tolerant and fast drying, greatly improving efficiency - wide range of colours – can also be used as a topcoat in situations where UV resistance is not a consideration (see product info).

Jotamastic 87 - The original market leader in epoxy mastic technology - Apply on sound surfaces prepared to St 2.

Jotamastic 80 - Excellent protection in less severe environments - Low film thickness version of Jotamastic 87, for use above the waterline only (except aluminium versions).

Jotamastic SF - Solvent free - a good solution in confined spaces and where danger of explosion can be an issue. 14.6 litre pack only.

Jotamastic Smartpack – 1:1 mix ratio reduces waste and makes mixing small quantities easier – good flowout when applied with a brush and roller, 10 litre pack only.

Single Pack Primers

A range of easy to use, economical and effective primers for use in a corrosive environment.

Vinyguard Silvergrey - A quick drying, modified vinyl primer, ideal as a tie coat or as a sealer for an antifouling system. Use Underwater Primer or Vinyl Primer Spray for smaller sizes.

Pilot QD Primer - A quick drying alkyd based primer with zinc phosphate for corrosion prevention above the waterline only in moderate, non-aggressive environments.

Alkydprimer - Excellent hiding power, can be applied to most existing coatings. Can used as a topcoat with a matt finish. Resistant to heat up to 120°C. For a smaller size use EasyPrimer.

Ballastic Black Premium Hull Blacking – A high build bitumen coating that is ideal for use below the waterline on narrowboats, canal boats and for vessels on the inland waterways.

Conseal TU Aluminium - One-coat solution aluminium coloured, high build, self-priming topcoat which can be applied direct to metal.

Two-Pack Primers

A range of two-pack epoxy primers in addition to the Jotamastic range each offering specific qualities and uses.

Ballastic Epoxy – NEW. Can be applied over existing bitumen paint without the need to blast back to bare steel. Build protection with Jotamsatic 90 for a 10 year paint system on your canal boat.

Penguard HB - A high build, pure epoxy primer with excellent adhesion to GRP and Aluminium. Use Penguard LT Additive below 10°C. Use AntiPest or High Build Epoxy for smaller sizes.

Penguard FC – High build and volume solids with very good chemical resistance. For steel structures exposed to high atmospheric corrosive environments. Penguard HSP for faster dry-to-recoat.

Balloxy HB Light - A high build epoxy coating for use in ballast tanks, cofferdams and in areas with condensation where blast cleaning isn't always possible. It is extremely surface tolerant.

Baltoflake - A quick curing polyester coating that is reinforced with glass flakes and provides long term corrosion protection. Ideal for areas subject to extreme mechanical wear.

Barrier 90 - Jotun's highest specification zinc rich epoxy, containing 90% zinc in 8.75 litre tin. For 86% zinc and smaller size use Barrier in 4 litre size.

Safeguard Universal ES - Used as a two-pack tiecoat for good adhesion between primer and antifouling in a 18 litre pack. For a single-pack option in smaller size use Vinyguard Slivergrey.

Muki EPS - A shop primer designed for good welding and cutting speed, giving reduced weld porosity and back burning.

General primer information

It is important to select the right primer for the substrate you are applying it to and you should be able to get a good idea if you read the category headings. As a general rule primers intended to protect metal from rust and GRP from osmosis are applied in a number of coats to form a thick water resistant layer – two-pack high build epoxies provide excellent protection. Surface preparation is important and the amount of time you are willing to take will affect the choices of primer you will be able to use and the success of the paint system as a whole. Surface tolerant primers can make preparation easier for metal substrates.

If you are applying a primer over an existing paint coating you will be more limited in your choices as the new paint could react with the old. In this case, regardless, the success of the eventual coating will always come back to what you are painting over. Generally two pack primers will not go on top of single pack coatings, however single pack primers can go over prepared two pack coatings. If you are unsure of what you are painting over we can provide a FREE test kit. We supply single pack primers that provide a good ‘tie coat’ between existing coatings and seal old antifouling and undercoats that build the colour before applying the topcoat.

Because they are thicker than topcoats, if you intend to spray, the majority of our marine primers require airless spray equipment. An airless sprayer is different from a conventional paint sprayer as it pumps the paint through a nozzle rather than blow it out using compressed air.

If you need help choosing a primer you can send us a message, with as much detail of your project as possible, using the message system below or send us an email at

P.S. Don’t forget the personal protection equipment and accessories such as paint brushes, rollers, trays, and scuttles. We recommend our Blue Stripe Rollers for applying primers. All of our accessories have been tried and tested and are solvent resistant – not something you can guarantee with DIY store application products.

If you have a question about your particular project, please call us on 01799 588 292 to receive advice on what to buy.