Sandbanks 20psi Electric Pump

Sandbanks 20psi Electric Pump

Buy an electric pump online for Inflatable Dinghies and SUPs to achieve high pressure inflation using your car, with free shipping to the UK

DC 12V Car Power Supply- 12V cigarette lighter socket that can connect with your car to get power.

Introducing the Sandbanks Style 12V Electric SUP and Dinghy Pump – your gateway to hassle-free dinghy adventures. Experience the epitome of ease with effortless inflation & deflation that frees you from manual pumping, ensuring quick setup and more time on the water; simply connect the dinghy pump to any 12v plug. Its compact and lightweight design allows for on-the-go SUP inflation at any location. The versatile electric pump isn't confined to just dinghies; it effortlessly inflates various watercraft, eliminating the need for multiple pumps.

Crafted with user convenience in mind, the Sandbanks Style Electric Dinghy pump boasts adjustable pressure settings up to 20psi and a digital display for precise control, safeguarding against over-inflation and ensuring optimal pressure for different inflatables. Its 12V power source and multiple nozzle adapters cater to various valve types, (including SUP, boat, inflatable camping equipment fittings) setting it apart as a portable powerhouse that's a cut above the rest. Bid farewell to physical exertion and setup fatigue – embrace unparalleled convenience and safety with this innovative electric pump, designed to elevate every dinghy trip. 

As with all of our accessories the 20 PSI Electric Dinghy and SUP Pump is covered by a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

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    Sandbanks 20psi Electric Pump