Savvy Navvy Electronic Charts

Exclusive to Pro Marine Store, get a subscription to Savvy Navvy for the latest in sea GPS navigation. 

Subscribe to Savvy Navvy, with a 20% discount off the Elite Package for all our customers.  Further reductions up to 46% off are available to previous customers with historical orders over £200.  

Savvy Navvy are the modern marine sailing navigation and chart solution for use with iOS and Android devices.  Download the Savvy Navvy app for Android and Apple, and see why people are switching to this 'Google Maps' of the seas.

In the world of software based navigation at sea level, look no further than Savvy Navvy.  With data inputs from tides, weather, winds, anchorages, TSS areas, and everything in between, nautical navigation charts have never been so user friendly and intuitive to use.  

Automatic routing software within the android/apple app allows the user to plot routes with the benefit of a raft of information, to find the best routing for your proposed start time and date.  Previously, sea navigation was a clunky affair with the available GPS software on the market.  Now, you have a slick solution for sea level navigation.  

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