Buy Better Inflatable Kayaks than you thought possible with the NEW Sandbanks inflatable Kayak range, with iSUP Technology.

Not all inflatable kayaks are created equal.  

Meet the new range of inflatable kayak from Sandbanks Style.  using inflatable stand up paddleboard technology taken from years of innovation for their line of iSUPs, Sandbanks have created an innovative new inflatable kayak product.  

Traditionally, inflatable kayaks were low pressure, large, bulky devices, with poor paddling efficiency, and poof rigidity due to their low pressure chambers.  The new Sandbanks inflatable kayaks change all this.  They use the same technology found in inflatable SUPs to deliver a rigid, stuff high pressure body, that keeps its shape and behaves much like a proper fibreglass or plastic kayak. 

This is why we have posted this here! Don't settle for the brands you recognise for inflatable kayaks - Learn about those producing innovative new inflatable kayak products and buy a BETTER product. We are here to inform the sailing world about better products out there so people love what they buy from us.  Contact us and buy online, UK for the best customer service here at Pro Marine Store.