By Shadow-Caster UNDERWATER MARINE LED LIGHTING at Pro Marine Store, Online, UK. 

Pro Marine Store stocks Shadow-Caster® and has a complete range of underwater marine LED lighting for all boat types. From centre console boats, fishing boats, pontoon boats and sports boats to large yachts, we have you covered. Choose from single colour, two-colour, three-colour or unlimited full colour models to create the perfect underwater marine LED lighting experience.

Complete Range of Underwater Lights at Pro Marine Store, UK

The SCM series underwater marine LED lights have a low profile and ideal for installs on boats kept on trailers or lifts out of the water.  The SCR series round underwater marine LED lights are ideal for boats kept in the water all year round as the glass lens and smooth exterior finish make them a better option for combating marine growth.

Shadow-Caster® has built its reputation on producing the brightest, most intense underwater lighting solutions available on the market today. All Shadow-Caster® products are designed to exceed customer demands for the harsh environment that they will be exposed to.