SUP & Kayak Electric Motors

Buy Electric SUP motors and Kayak Electric motors with remote control and Lithium battery technology, with free delivery to the UK. 

Pro Marine Store sells electric SUP & kayak motors for attaching to the fin box of your SUP of kayak, to give you a boost in speed, help with paddling, and help get you home after a long day on the water!.  Simply attach the electric propellor motor to your SUP or kayak and fix the battery unit to the luggage straps on top of the kayak or SUP, and use the remote control to vary the power of the motor.  This relieves you when you may need that extra help in getting home after a long day on the water, helps if you have extra passengers like children or pets on your SUP board or kayak, and gives you that extra boost of speed when you need it.  We sell the outstanding ePropulsion Vaquita Electric SUP & Kayak motor.

Super light kayak motor

The superlight VAQUITA motor for paddle boards and kayaks and weighs just 4kg in total.

It’s the perfect safety companion to have on board. It you are new to paddling touring by kayak or paddle board it will guarantee you can get home.

It’s light and easy in your kayak or on a SUP whilst paddling.

Small and compact it takes up very little space on board or at home and can be easily carried in a back pack.

  Motor weight – 1.5 kg

  Battery weight 2.5 kg

  Up to 11 KM / H

  Effortless installation

  Made for every SUP and kayak

  Great fun

  Guarantees to get you home!