Tank Coatings

Buy online, UK from the full range of Jotun Marine Tank Coatings, with free delivery to the UK. 

We sell the full range of Jotun tank coatings for marine diesel tanks, water tanks, fuel tank coatings, petrol tank coatings.  All products in stock and ready for immediate dispatch for your sailing boat project in the UK.  

Storage tanks can contain a great many liquids and Jotun's Tankguard range has been formulated to protect from most instances. For protection from a  specific chemical or liquid please contact us for the best solution.

For general marine tank coatings the three main applications and our recommendations are:

Fuel tanks - Tankguard HB is a high build epoxy coating and is used extensively in gas and oil storage tanks and pipelines.

Waste water tanks - Jotamastic 90 has exceptional corrosion resistance, is fast drying and is surface tolerant meaning that preparation does not have to be perfect. Use Ballastic Epoxy for previously painted tanks.

Drinking or potable water tanks- Tankguard DW is the only product approved for drinking water tanks and is only available in 15L tins. Please see the comments at the bottom of this page for advice on steel drinking water tanks for canal boats.

Call us on 01799 588 292 for more information and advice on the correct tank paint for your project.