Buy Temo electric outboards for dinghies, tenders and sailing boats, with free delivery to mainland UK.

Temo Dealer UK - Electric Outboard Specialist. 

Pro Marine store sells the complete range of electric outboard motors from French premium brand Temo, with electric motors suitable for small inflatable dinghies up to day sailor yachts of 1.5 tons.  The Temo electric motors offer a unique premium design that combines thrust and steering from the aero-designed rudder-like form, thus giving directional stability at low speeds and also critically when the motor is not producing thrust.

Brand New 2024 Temo 1000 in Stock. 

TEMO-1000 is an extremely portable and powerful 1000-watt electric outboard engine with 28kg of thrust. Weighing just 15kg complete, the battery is removable with a run time of 60 minutes, it is the perfect outboard engine for large dinghies and/or small sailing boats up to 8 meters.

Proven Temo 450 For Smaller Dinghies.

TEMO-450 is a flexible and ultra-light at under 5kg electric outboard engine, comparable to a 2HP petrol outboard. The TEMO·450 outboard looks after both boaters and the environment. The perfect solution for slipway to mooring and boat to beach journeys with a range of up to 80 minutes, a 450-watt motor delivers 200 watts of propulsive power.