Buy Jotun Marine Thinners for use with Jotun marine paints and Jotun Top coats on boats and yachts, with free delivery to the UK. 

If you need to know which thinner is required for a Jotun or SML product then view the product and the details should be in the product specification. Jotun thinners come in 5 litre tins and the equivalent SML thinners come in more convenient 1 litre and 2.5 litre sizes.

Jotun Thinners for Sailing Boats and Yachts

Thinners No. 02 is an Alkyd Thinner.

Thinners No. 07 is a Xylene Thinner.

Thinners No. 10 has been formulated for products in the Jotun Hardtop range. SML Polyurethane Thinner can be used as an alternative.

Thinners No. 17 is an Epoxy Thinner.

Thinners No. 18 is a Polyurethane Thinner. Jotun Thinners No. 18 not available to order online. 

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