Trudesign Skin Fittings - White

white skin fitting 1

Trudesign Skin Fittings - White

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For many years, bronze has been the material of choice for use in underwater marine applications such as thru-hull fittings and seacocks. It outperformed many other metals and alloys and has stood the test of time. Until now. Designed and made in New Zealand, TruDesigns marine fittings are precision moulded from a glass reinforced Nylon composite material which provides both maximum strength and durability.

TruDesign skin fittings eliminate all corrosion and bonding problems associated with electrolysis giving peace of mind with respect to the safety of your vessel. They are compatible with all hull types and can be used on aluminium, steel, wood, composite & GRP hulls. 

Domed Fitting: The traditional dome shape gives a large sealing face and provides a drip edge for above the waterline applications.

Flush Fitting: The countersunk style head gives a streamlined look and reduces drag and the possibility of snagging. They can also be used as cockpit/tank drains.

Hose Tail Fitting: The barbed tail gives an alternative for directly mounting hosing.

Long Thread Option: Give extended Thread to be used on hulls up to 10mm thick (140mm overall length)


  • Corrosion resistant and safe from electrolysis
  • Flame Retardant so can be used in engine compartments
  • Chemical resistant - Impervious to diesel, petrol and antifouling paints
  • UV resistant - Will not degrade or discolour with ultraviolet light from the sun
  • Lightweight - 6 to 1 weight saving over bronze
  • Paintable – paintable with all types of antifoul including Coppercoat
  • Parallel BSP threads
  • No earth bonding needed
  • Operating temperature range: -40° to +110°C
  • Comply with ISO and ABYC mechanical properties, strength tests and UV requirements
  • Certified to ISO 9093-2 by Bureau Veritas and the International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI, Belgium)

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    white skin fitting 1

    Trudesign Skin Fittings - White