Wifi & 4G Combined Solutions

Here we show two manufacturers solutions for achieving a rounded connectivity on your boat.  By using a solution for both 4G connectivity and a long range wifi solution, you may achieve internet connectivity as much as possible.  The wifi solution will allow you to pickup signals from a marina, whilst moored at a considerable distance from the router or even from a beach bar whilst anchored off a beach.  Typically just using your phone or iPad to receive the wifi signal from such a distance will result in an unsatisfactory result.  However, using a long range wifi booster will pick up a weaker signal, and transfer it into your local wifi network, for your own personal use.

Additionally, using a 4G router simultaneously into the same router will allow you to transfer onto 'SIM card' internet once you loose the wifi signal.  Modern routers will handle both signals coming in and allow you to transfer seamlessly from one internet source to the other.  The 4G side of the system will accept a local SIM card, allowing you to buy a local SIM card and benefit from local rates of data.

Here at Pro Marine Store, we have two manufacturers' solutions to this system.  Digital Yacht and Scout both offer excellent systems.  We offer after sales support for both manufacturers but Digital Yacht are a UK company and so also offer easy after sales technical support and advice from their own guys.