Off-Grid Power Solutions

Buy Lithium Battery Power products for your sailing boat or motor yacht from EcoFlow to provide emergency power when you need it. 

We sell online UK, EcoFlow Portable Power station products, like the EcoFlow Delta for off-grid power on your boat when you need it.  The EcoFlow products provide a store of power for both AC and DC electrical items.  The power reserve is huge, giving power all day long, and you can recharge them easily from their own solar panels, which plug straight in with no fuss.

Use the EcoFlow Delta as an emergency power solution onboard your boat for if you have an electrical problem with the rest of your system.  Store the EcoFlow Delta or EcoFlow River Max system and bring it out when you need it.  Simply plug in any appliance on your boat like a microwave, hair dryer or heater, or coffee machine, and use it when you need it.