Ultra Anchors

Buy Ultra Anchors, Swivels and accessories with Free UK Delivery.  The Ultra is one of the best anchors available today for sailing boats, and bluewater yachts.  This is a product made to the very highest quality grades in the marine world, and is trusted by thousands of sailors worldwide. 

Hand-made from 316L and 318NL Duplex (shank) stainless steel and hand polished. Ultra Anchors demonstrate the importance of correct weight distribution and design when setting and recovering an anchor. In fact, invert any Ultra Anchor and it will instantly recover itself into the attack position. Such performance has been achieved thanks to the innovative patented features displayed below. Each anchor is easily recoverable due to the flat pivot surface on the underside base.

Ultra Anchors are suitable for all vessel types and can be securely located on the bow roller. Standard anchor sizes range from 5 kg to 360 kg (larger anchors on request). Using Europe's best materials and fabricated by specialist engineers, Ultra Anchors are supplied with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects under normal conditions and use.


The anchor features one-piece construction and has no openings or indentations to catch mud, rocks or weeds.

The glossy 316L and 318LN Duplex (shank only) - gauge stainless steel is easy to clean and polish. Ultra Marine Anchor provides years of corrosion-free service, without the need to re-galvanise.

The Flip Swivel incorporates unique design features

The Ultra Flip Swivel is uniquely fabricated and connects the anchor and chain without the need for of additional shackles. Fabricated from 316L stainless steel and hand polished for stunning presentation on the bow, the Ultra Flip Swivel is uniquely

strong and slimline, and does not require lock pins or safety wires.The breaking strength of a swivel is typically higher than the connected chain and allows

30° rotation with complete 360° swivel.

The Ultra Flip Swivel is fabricated

with a unique flipping nub that assists the anchor in getting itself right-way up onto the bow roller. Combined with the rotation and 360° ability, setting and recovering your anchor is now easier and safer. Hexagonal head locking bolts prevent the need for additional grub screws to secure the swivel pins.

Ultra Believe

  • The anchor is one of the main symbols in the maritime world and it has a higher philosophical meaning of security, stability, strength, home etc.
  • Anchoring is a vital part of the boating experience and one of the main reasons why people dream to own
  • a boat.
  • We believe an anchor as something located at the bow should naturally be considered and looked at as a jewel.
  • Despite all the above, an anchor is still one of the most neglected items in the maritime industry.
  • Most of the boats worldwide are still equipped with unsafe anchor types of obsolete designs, made of the cheapest materials used on board.
  • ULTRA Anchor provides an uncompromised anchoring solution.
  • ULTRA Anchor is the best performing anchor on the market, and it is incomparable to any other anchor design.
  • ULTRA Anchor is hand made in Europe using the highest quality Swedish stainless-steel.
  • ULTRA Anchor offers the most beautiful design that makes its owner proud to have it at his bow.
  • ULTRA Anchor is the first anchor in history to finally fulfill the dream of anchoring.

Ultra Anchor

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